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Image of a series of dryers at a laundromat.

About Us

Managing an industrial laundry or running any commercial laundry equipment can be a potentially complicated business. Decisions such as where to locate the laundry, what type of commercial washers and dryers are required and ensuring that the necessary support services are available are all things to be considered.

Choosing your industrial laundry provider can prove just as difficult.

So, just as you're an expert in your business, so Garment Machinery Company, Inc. are experts in the commercial laundry business. We offer guidance on all aspects of your on-premise laundry, from choice and capacity of equipment through to the layout of the laundry to the type and amount of detergent to use in your wash cycles.

With your on-premise laundry a core part of your service offering, you need to know your supplier can provide the back up and support you require. That's why our Premier Service ensures we’re available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With call out engineer support available 7 days a week, we can ensure your industrial washing machines and commercial dryers run as smoothly as possible with minimal down time.

With complete New England coverage and our 24/7 answering service, you really can trust Garment Machinery Company, Inc. to be there when you need us.

We are constantly working with our suppliers to refine and innovate our laundry product line, reinforcing our commitment to providing customers with top quality, reliable commercial laundry equipment.