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An Electrolux Professional laundry is a unique business opportunity

A self-service laundry featuring Electrolux Professional equipment is a unique business and smart investment for the savvy entrepreneur. The laundry business is far more recession-proof than virtually any other business; a challenging economy has tested and proven that fact. In good times and bad, people must clean their clothing. Laundries provide a valuable service to communities everywhere.

The laundry business is also well-suited to multi-store ownership while not requiring a disproportionate amount of time to manage. It's a self service business with minimal inventory, no receivables, and low labor costs.

Electrolux is a world-wide leader

Electrolux Professional is the world-leader in developing long-lasting energy and water efficient products. It's a company you can rely on for the very best profit-generating products. With more than 100 years of experience designing commercial laundry equipment, we understand the laundry business and are dedicated to providing you with technologically-advanced, reliable washers and dryers.

Electrolux lets you focus on growing your business

Experienced laundry owners know they can rely on Electrolux Professional Laundry for superior engineering and exceptional design. The longlasting equipment and parts let you focus on marketing and growing your business. Electrolux high-speed washers and energy-efficient dryers provide customers with the ultimate laundry experience. Easy to use machines with advanced technologies like Compass Control and optional text messaging feature create customers for life and increase your profits.

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