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Care Homes

Nobody understands the commercial laundry requirements of Care Homes better than Garment Machinery Company, Inc. We supply Care Homes across New England with tailored commercial laundry solutions and support.

Our range of commercial washers and dryers are not only easy to use and highly energy efficient, but are also robust, reliable machines capable of dealing with heavy duty wash loads and soiling.

All our machines offer thermal disinfection cycles plus, our unique O3 disinfection system means you can implement an effective infection control process while reducing energy costs and cycle times.

From a compact washer dryer combination to a larger capacity commercial laundry package, you can trust Garment Machinery Company, Inc. to supply top quality commercial washers and dryers tailored to the needs of your site.


Our cashless laundry payment card system offers a complete managed launderette system, taking away the hassle associated with coin operated laundry machines. Remote Pay Stations and Smartchip Payment Cards provide a safe and secure laundry solution for any staffed or unmanned industrial laundry.


laundryserv's auto dosing system offers substantial cost savings over traditional powder detergent usage by automatically injecting the correct amount of liquid detergent, softener and bleach etc. into the commercial washer.

Ozone or O3

This cutting edge laundry disinfection system kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs such as MRSA and C Difficile through a process of ozone disinfection. Pure ozone is injected into the wash cycle, making effective disinfection at low temperatures and on short wash cycles.

Garment Machinery Company, Inc. has always sought to help customers operate a more efficient and cost effective commercial laundry. As part of this pledge we offer all customers a FREE ENERGY AUDIT. A member of the Garment Machinery Company, Inc. team will arrange to visit your commercial laundry and will aim to suggest ways for you to save time, energy and money.

Please Contact Us for more information on any of these products.

All our commercial laundry equipment is available with our Premier Service Package, making Garment Machinery Company, Inc. available 24/7.