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Coin Laundries

Garment Machinery Company, Inc. is committed to offering laundromat customers outstanding quality commercial laundry equipment and consistent value for money across our entire range of commercial washers and dryers.

Our installing team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of a commercial laundromat. From design and equipment choice through to installation and ongoing support, Garment Machinery Company, Inc. is on hand to offer guidance and advice.

Our wide selection of commercial laundry machines means that whatever size your laundromat and whatever budget you have, there’s a range of highly efficient machines for you.

Choose from easy payment features such as simple individually coin operated laundry machines or our Central Paypoint System, designed to take some of the stress out of running a commercial laundromat. We also offer the option of a fully managed laundromat service for on campus or on-site laundromat situations.

All our commercial laundry equipment is available with our Premium Service Package, making Garment Machinery Company, Inc. available 24/7.