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GMC's Complete Care System

The Complete Care System from Garment Machinery Company, Inc. is a unique service package designed to make running an on-site laundry as simple and worry free as possible.

The system combines quality laundry equipment, a reliable and accurate auto-dosing system and tailored detergents in one all-inclusive, low monthly price. No hidden costs, no surprise bills, no stress.

Garment Machinery Company, Inc ’s Complete Care System offers customers complete peace of mind by:

  • Making budgeting easier with a single monthly cost covering all your laundry equipment and detergents.
  • Guaranteeing all equipment will work in perfect harmony to provide excellent wash quality.
  • Removing the need to place regular repeat orders for detergents ensuring there are no hidden costs.
  • Creating a single point of contact for any inquiries

Complete Care Auto-dosing

Reliable and accurate auto-dosing is at the heart of the Complete Care System. The auto dosing equipment is pre-programmed to automatically dose liquid detergents and chemicals into your wash, giving you the right amount at the right time, everytime!

Using our wide range of specially formulated chemicals, we tailor the detergents, destainers and softeners to the specific demands of your site, helping you consistently achieve the best possible wash quality.

Key auto dosing benefits:

Your costs:

  • Eliminate excessive use of chemicals, over dosing and pilfering.
  • Optimize your staff's time.

Your fabrics:

  • Accurate auto dosing provides optimum fabric care

Your staff:

  • Remove the need for staff to make direct contact with potentially hazardous chemicals.
  • No detergent spills means a neater, tidier and safer environment.

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For more information on the Complete Care System simply Contact Us or call us at 781-559-4077.

Standard Auto-dosing

The auto-dosing equipment used in the Complete Care System is also available as a stand-alone system that can be retro-fitted to most commercial washing machines. This equipment is offered free, on loan to all Garment Machinery Company, Inc.

This means you can take advantage of all the benefits of our auto-dosing equipment even if your laundry equipment is not currently setup for this type of system.

For more information on the standard auto-dosing system simply Contact Us or call us at 781-559-4077.