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Efficient floor cleaning calls for proper mop washers.

Since demands on hygiene and careful cleaning are constantly increasing, it is important to make sure the chosen cleaning method and equipment satisfy your needs. Our ''mop washer extractors'' are designed to offer high flexibility with ready-prepared mop heads for damp or dry cleaning.

Professional results

A special washer extractor is the heart of what we call 'Efficient Floor Cleaning.' Your staff puts the used mop heads into the Electrolux Professional specially developed mop machine, presses start, and in less than an hour the mop heads are cleaned and ready for use. The prepared mops make it easy to sweep up dust and grit. It's no longer necessary to fill the cleaning trolley with heavy buckets of water, and the mop heads are considerably lighter to work with than cloths or saturated swabs. The end result is better too - it is quite simply cleaner and the floor doesn't need cleaning as often.

You can even choose between damp or dry mopping. If you opt for dry mopping you will need an Electrolux Professional high-centrifugal mop machine and an effective dryer. This enables you to work with a combination of the two cleaning methods.

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