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Hair and Beauty

Garment Machinery Company, Inc. know that the laundry needs of the Hair and Beauty sector have traditionally been met with domestic washers and dryers. However, these machines are not designed for the number of daily loads this industry demands. They are also time and energy hungry in comparison to commercial washers and dryers.

Making the jump from existing domestic equipment to new commercial laundry equipment can save you both time and money. Shorter cycle times means increased throughput is possible while technological advancements mean our range of commercial washing equipment is highly water and energy efficient.

Our range of commercial washers and dryers is ideal for use in the Hair and Beauty Sector. Some of the models that we carry can either be installed under a counter top or are stackable if space is tight.

All our commercial laundry equipment is available with our Premier Service Package, making Garment Machinery Company, Inc. available 24/7.