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Hotels and Leisure

Garment Machinery Company, Inc. understand the need for the Hotel and Leisure industries to achieve excellent wash results, time after time, while still controlling water and energy usage.

Our complete range of commercial laundry equipment is ideal for these requirements. From a single under-counter commercial washer and dryer to a fully fitted laundry room, Garment Machinery Company, Inc. ensure every machine is matched to the unique requirements of your site.

Ease of use, quality and reliability are all synonymous with our commercial washers and dryers. You can rest assured that your on-premise laundry is both highly efficient and cost effective.

Plus, Garment Machinery Company, Inc. can help you make genuine cost savings. By simply laundering towels yourself, you could save a small fortune in laundry bills alone. Contact Us to find out more.

All our commercial laundry equipment is available with our Premier Service Package, making Garment Machinery Company, Inc. available 24/7.