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Save money on energy bills with Garment Machinery Company, Inc’s FREE Energy Audit!

With soaring energy and water prices, we're all looking at ways to help reduce these costs.

Garment Machinery Company, Inc. can help you become more efficient with our FREE Energy Audit, as well as providing the comprehensive service and expertise you need from your on-site laundry partner.

Garment Machinery Company, Inc’s FREE Energy Audit means that one of our team will inspect your on-site laundry and recommend lower energy solutions which could drastically reduce your running costs.

We will look at the use of power, water and chemicals and see what measures you can put in place to increase the efficiency of your laundry. And you'll be helping the environment by saving precious resources into the bargain!

Simply fill in the form below and we will be in touch to organise a convenient time to carry out our Energy Audit.

Save Energy

All our dryers use SensorDry to ensure they run as efficiently as possible.

Save Water

New generation washing machines use less water whilst still maintaining the same cleaning and drying standards.

Save Chemicals

Garment Machinery Company, Inc.'s auto dosing system means you use exactly the right amount of chemicals to get great results in every wash.