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Sports Clubs

From towels and tablecloths right through to heavily soiled sport kits, Garment Machinery Company, Inc. has supplied sports club of every type and size. From local junior sports teams right up to Major League Teams, we can supply and install an effective and tailored commercial laundry solution.


Garment Machinery Company, Inc. know that whatever their size, sports clubs demand the hardest working machines capable of regularly laundering large amounts of heavily soiled garments. Our range of commercial washers offer heavy duty wash cycles offering consistent, high quality results again and again.

Sports can mean rough and tumble at times, so wash loads may become contaminated with blood. For these situations, Garment Machinery Company, Inc. recommends the unique O3 disinfection system. Not only does this process kill viruses and bacteria but it also offers greatly superior cleaning performance. Because it operates at lower temperatures and shorter cycles, it can even reduce your energy and water bills. Contact Us to find out more.

All our commercial laundry equipment is available with our Premier Service Package, making Garment Machinery Company, Inc. available 24/7.